Have you visited Beau’s Dream Dog Park?

Manor House ApartmentsWhile Manor House offers a beautiful 23 acre community for our four-legged friends to explore, we are lucky to be a few minutes from Beau’s Dream at Buchanan Park, one of the just three dog parks parks in the country built by Beneful’s Dream Team of DIY network star Jason Cameron, pet expert Arden Moore and Interior Design Star Nate Berkus.

Lancaster resident Angela and her dog Beau won the Beneful Dream Dog Park contest which gave a $500,000 makeover to Buchanan Dog Park. Opened in 2013, the area features a small and large dog area, both with splash pads – a doxi tunnel on the small dog side, and a tennis ball tree that launches tennis balls on the large dog side.

What a great way to beat the summer heat! If you haven’t treated your fur baby to a day at the park, grab the leash and enjoy this Lancaster City Park treasure today.